I’m Part of the Magazine.co.uk Blogger Network

Written by: Helen

Healthy Food Guide

I have recently joined the magazine.co.uk blogger network.  I find the internet an excellent source of information when it comes to all sorts of things, including health and fitness (I do run a health & fitness blog so I would say that!) but I also think you can’t beat a traditional magazine.  I always take one to work with me to read at lunch.

That is why I’m super excited to join the magazine.co.uk team.  There are some excellent health and fitness magazines out there.  This means you can subscribe to any you particularly love and then get a monthly dose of health tips, workout routines and recipes.

Personally, I love ‘The Healthy Food Guide’ and I reviewed it for magazine.co.uk.  Please check out that article here.  I’m looking forward to sampling a couple of different health magazines too, now that I’m part of the network.

If you are thinking of setting up a magazine subscription, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you can do it through magazine.co.uk and find discounts and get free delivery.

What magazines do you like?  Thanks for reading 🙂