Family Fitness: Fun Runs

Written by: Helen

Last year I spent all year either pregnant or with a small baby so exercise wasn’t at the top of my priority list (it was lower down, somewhere between getting a half decent night’s sleep and leaving the house with matching shoes).  This year I wanted to start returning to some semblance of a fitness regime and getting back into shape (no pressure, I’d still prefer a decent night’s sleep).

One thing I was keen to do was some sort of fun run.  The main reason being that I thought I would enjoy it and the second reason being that it may encourage me to do some training.  And this month I have done, not one but two runs.  Both were ran with my five year old son and both were thoroughly enjoyable.  It has been great including my family in my running as it is a nice thing to do together.  These are the two runs we have done:


The Colour Run

This was lots of fun.  It was a mile long course which wasn’t too taxing for someone like me who hasn’t experienced formal exercise in a while (apart from running round after the children).  Basically, you run the mile and every so often people throw coloured, powdered paint at you.  There’s no age limit and the paint is harmless so it’s perfect for doing with children.  The best thing is the money goes to LOROS which is a great charity.  You can find out about LOROS’s fundraising events here.



Mini Military Mud Run

I did this race with my son again and this time my husband joined us.  You can run either 2K or decide to do the 5K.  We opted for the 2K this time but will try the 5K next time.  As implied in the name, you get very muddy and also very wet!  Which made my son a happy boy.  It’s not often he gets to splash around in mud without his wellies on!  It is fun and also tiring.  There are obstacles dotted along the course and it’s hard going in the thick mud, especially when helping little ones.  However, it was fantastic to do as a family and we are now all looking forward to our next one.  You can find more out about the mini military mud run here.


5 Reasons to exercise as a family


It can be hard in busy lives to get quality time as a family.  Often ‘family time’ can be watching a film or a trip to the cinema.  As nice as these are they don’t allow time to chat and laugh together and you just can’t beat some family time in the outdoors.


2)Sets a good example

Putting time aside for family exercise can instil good habits that your children will hopefully carry with them the rest of their lives.


3)It’s not just good for the kids

You are far less likely to try and dodge doing exercise if you are all doing it together.  It’s a good way to help keep you motivated.


4)It doesn’t have to cost money

Children are expensive.  Doing stuff is expensive.  Exercise however is free.  Signing up for a fun run usually costs some money which often goes to charity.  However, walking, running and cycling are all free.  You can get fit and have fun without spending money.


5)You can raise money for charity

We ran our colour run with Loros Hospice.  If you build up to walking, running or cycling for a charitable event then it can give your children a great sense of accomplishment and, if they understand who benefits from what they are doing then it gives them good values.


Do you ever exercise with your family?  Have you done any of the runs I mentioned?  Let me know in the comments below.  If you want to sign up for my monthly email just pop your email address in the subscription box.  Thanks for reading.