Barleycup Review

Written by: Helen


I love hot drinks.  Since having children I am especially particular about a morning coffee to help wake me up and get me going in the morning.  When I was pregnant with my second child I continued with the coffee but switched to decaf. I hadn’t then heard of Barleycup but I sure wish I had!

Now that I’m not pregnant I don’t mind having some caffeine but I still feel uneasy if I think I’m overdoing it.  Barleycup is a natural, caffeine-free alternative to your cup of Jo (out of interest does anyone know where that slang comes from? Who is Jo?).


What is Barleycup?

Barleycup is an instant cereal drink made from natural ingredients.  As I mentioned it is caffeine-free and is also gluten free and low in calories.  It is made from roasted barley, rye and chicory.  There is also a Barleycup with dandelion.


What does it taste like?

I’ll avoid beating round the bush and get to the most important question and the short answer is – delicious! I was sceptical as to whether I would actually be able to enjoy it in place of a cup of coffee (particularly my morning cuppa).  I wasn’t sure I would feel like I was getting my coffee fix.  However, I’m pleased to say that I enjoy it and drink it quite happily.  I found it very similar in taste to coffee, more so the more I drank it.  It can be drunk with or without milk.  Or if you’re looking for even more ways to use it then the Barleycup website has some other recipe ideas.  I’ve included a couple that I like the look of below.  Just click the titles to be taken to the page.


Morning Energy with Goji Berries


Energising Porridge


So, have you tried Barleycup?  Does it sound like something you would like?  Let me know your thoughts.  Thanks for reading.


I was sent Barleycup to try for free.  However, any opinions are my own and are honest.


5 Amazing Things that Happen when you Sleep

Written by: Helen

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I think about sleep a lot theses days.  That can happen when you have children.  It’s a favourite topic between mums, particularly new mums who are frantically trying to get their body to adjust to a lack of it.  And one thing you certainly learn is to utilise the time that you do have to catch up on your zzzz’s – squeeze every last minute out of ‘snooze’ on your alarm clock until it forces you up, get to bed at a decent time etc.

If you are struggling with sleep (and it’s not a ‘child’ related issue) I have written a post with some tips about how to get a good night.  I also mentioned briefly why it is important.  You can read that post here.

Caffeine and energy drinks are all well and good at keeping us going throughout the day when we’ve had a heavy night.  But they can’t make up for the benefits to our mind and body when we sleep.

I recently heard of Casper, the global sleep brand with an expertise in mattresses and they have created this handy infograph which has some pretty amazing facts about just how important it can be, particularly to our fitness.  Reaction time can be reduced by 300% from a single all-nighter??! Wow, that shows just what an impact poor sleep can have on our lives.  Under the infograph I’ve included 5 more reasons why you should be working on getting into a decent sleep pattern.




1)Boosts metabolism and helps with a healthy weight

Research has shown (and my own experience finds this to be true) that when we feel tired we are also more likely to feel hungry.  Sleep affects certain hormones and these hormones just happen to be the hormones that drive our appetite.


2)Better memory

Your body may be sleeping but your mind is not.  It is believed that a process called ‘consolidation’ occurs whilst we are in the land of nod.  It is basically our memories being strengthened.  This means that while we snore our memories are being organised and when we wake from a good night’s sleep we will be able to remember and process information better.


3)Improved immune support

Whilst sleeping your body helps you to fight infections.  Research has shown that people who have had a poor night are more likely to catch a cold when exposed to the cold virus than those who had slept well.


Short Red Hair Woman Blowing Her Nose


4)Helps with depression and anxiety

Sleep impacts depression and studies show that a lack of it can contribute to feelings of depression.  Decent sleep aids our mental health and makes us more emotionally stable.


5)It’s good for your heart

Lack of sleep has been linked to an increased risk of heart attack.  A decent sleep pattern is good for our blood pressure and cardiovascular system.


So has this post inspired you to put your nightcap on? Did you find the infograph interesting? Let me know your thoughts.  And if, like me, you’d love a good night’s sleep but sometimes your children have other ideas then I feel your pain but just know that it won’t last forever!  Thanks for reading

My Favourite Wellness Tip

Written by: Helen

Green Round Fruit on Clear Glass Mug With Water


I recently heard that Elysium Health was looking for personal wellness tips to include on an upcoming graphic; something small that helps to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t already know Elysium, you can learn more about their research and their product here.

This is actually much harder than it sounds.  So many different things help when you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  I thought about the routines I have, the foods I eat and how I exercise.  My top tip was almost about keeping re-hydrated because drinking enough fluids is vital to our health and wellbeing.  However, after a re-think it didn’t quite make it as my top tip.

I like the question.  I think sometimes being healthy and looking after our wellbeing can seem complicated.  There’s so much we should try and do, so many foods to try and fit into our diet, so many smoothies to drink, we need to make time to go to the gym, to meditate, we need to include superfoods and supplements and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day.

However, living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated, you don’t need to constantly worry about what you’re eating or make drastic changes to your routine.  It’s about the little things that lead to big changes.  We don’t have to wake up one morning and change our lifestyle.  It can be small steps and yet these small steps can still get us to where we want to be.

So what is my favourite personal wellness tip?  My top tip is to find what suits you and enjoy looking after your health and wellbeing.  Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to dread mealtimes and it doesn’t mean you can never indulge.  It is all about moderation.  Look around, follow some food bloggers or treat yourself to some new cookbooks and experiment with your food; healthy eating doesn’t mean a sacrifice in taste.  And the same goes for exercise.  If you just can’t stick with going to the gym then stop and find something you do enjoy.  It’s about changing your mindset towards what is needed to live a healthy lifestyle.  Eating well and exercising can be fun, you’ve just got to find out what suits you.

The infograph is below.  Feel free to have a look over it and share if you like

What would be your favourite personal wellbeing tip?  Let me know in the comments.  Thanks for reading